CCMA Acquaints Participants of AWCN on Civil Military Relations and Military Effectiveness.

The Chief of Civil-Military Affairs, Maj Gen Nuhu Angbazo was ably represented by the Deputy Director Civil-Liaison, Col Sylvester O Oloyede to delivered a lecture on Civil Military Relations and Military Effectiveness to the participants of Army War College Nigeria Course II on 4 June 2018. The aimed of the lecture was to acquaint participants of Army War College Nigeria with an overview of Civil Military Relations and Military Effectiveness.

Indeed Civil Military Relations has a great impact on military effectiveness. This is because the military does not operate in isolation of the civil environment. Military operations in the past have been conducted without recourse to the civil populace who inhabit such areas. It is important to state that studies of past operations have shown that the successes of military operations or military effectiveness during operations are closely related to how the civil populace cooperates with the military. This is very pronounced, particularly when the military is fighting unconventional warfare as the case is in Nigeria currently. Nigeria as a country has been battling with insurgency for the past decade. The insurgents live in the midst of the locals and are often known by those locals who for fear of reprisals refuse to turn them over to the security forces or report on their locations and activities. This has greatly limited the level of success in the fight against insurgency or better put, has greatly limited the level of effectiveness of our troops in the theatre.

In order to mitigate this and set the tone for military effectiveness in all our operations, the Nigerian Army through CMR is bridging the gap between itself and the civil populace through various CMR activities aimed at winning the hearts and minds. This has resulted in the supply of timely information needed for success in most of our military operations, particularly during raids, ambushes and cordon and search. Hence, the close relationship between military effectiveness and CMR becomes obvious.

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